About the Artist

Appreciation for the beauty of ancient gold work continues in my creations today.

Annie Salter - Portrait

Annie’s love affair with the delicate beauty of ancient Greek and Roman jewelry began in 1997 after seeing an exhibition at the Getty Museum. It was love at first sight. Already an accomplished jeweler, Annie set out to unravel the aesthetic ideas and rediscover the lost techniques and materials that guided these ancient craftsman to the creation of works with such simplicity, beauty and refinement. By reading books, studying with master jewelers in San Francisco, Santa Barbara, Massachusetts, and New Hampshire, and diligent practice of her craft, she mastered the delicate and complex techniques, like granulation, chain making, and stone setting, that she used to create stunning jewelry with the look and feel of ancient times.

Since then Annie has learned other ancient techniques, like wax carving and casting, and developed and refined her own techniques to create a rich and personal aesthetic that seamlessly blends ancient aesthetics with modern ideas and materials.

A lover of horses from a young age and a few years later, Annie was fortunate to work with a few greats in the Arabian Horse world such as, Evelyn Burton of Burton Arabian Farm, Jerry Sparagowski, noted photographer, See Horse Video with the Harry Cooper family and so many other horse enthusiasts.   Annie’s latest work uses her extensive knowledge and sensitive understanding of equine form to create jewelry that honors equine beauty, most particularly the beauty of the ancient Arabian breed.

Every piece of jewelry is lovingly made by hand, by Annie, and every piece is a unique work of art. Annie enjoys working with her clients to assure their satisfaction with the finished piece and encourages them to participate in the design process.

Annie’s work will soon be seen at the League of New Hampshire Craftsmen, a prestigious juried venue with multiple galleries around the state, or by contacting Annie directly at her New Hampshire studio.

At the bench

A Horse head pendant in the making.

A Horse head pendant in the making.

Annie Salter at work - over shoulder photo

Carving wax to make a pendant of a beautiful mare.

Carving wax to make a pendant of a beautiful mare.

Sterling Silver bust of Arabian MareSterling Silver pendant of my lovely equine model, MFW Fakher Moniet  owned by Carolyn Grant